The Brutal, Horrific Reality of Dog Fighting

This is the dark secretive world of illegal, underground dog fighting syndicates. The only victims are the animals; the victors - their depraved 'guardians' and the spectators who bet on them and take pleasure in watching these innocent animals fight for their lives.... most often to their death  Pawfect Nation's ART Warriors will work to the best of their ability to tackle this blood thirsty, greed fueled industry. We will systematically take apart this industry piece by piece.

Below is a bitter sweet video of the largest dog fighting bust in US history. It is heartwrenching, but so worth the watch. Take a few minutes of your time to watch this clip - it gives us hope for our own animals in this country; it will give you hope too. Stories like this inspire us to fight on and this is what we will do... WE WILL FIGHT FOR THESE ANIMALS AND LIBERATE THEM FROM THEIR TORMENTORS!