Ear Care for Dogs & Cats by Pet Alive

Regular cleaning of Fido or Felix’s ears is essential for their ear health. Both dogs and cats are prone to ear infections, it tends to be more common in dogs with long or floppy ears. If you notice that your pet is shaking his head or scratching his ears, it is usually an indication of ear trouble.  Checking your pet’s ear for any signs of foul odour, ear wax, mites, pus or discharge can prevent blockages and ear infections.

Firstly, you will need ear cleaner from your vet or olive oil, and some cotton balls. Never use Q-tips, or water to clean your pet’s ears. Trim stray hairs growing in the ears. You may need help from another person to hold your dog or cat if he is not relaxed. It is always a good idea to clean the parts of the ear that are easily visible. Tilt your pet’s head to the side, old the earflaps upwards and squirt some ear cleaner or place a drop of the olive oil into the ear. Using your thumb and forefinger, massage the base of the ear for a few seconds.  Your pet will want to shake out the excess solution. Gently wipe the inside of ear flap using up and down strokes to remove ear wax and debris. Fold the ear flaps back so that they can dry.

Remember to praise your pet and lavish him with plenty of treats for a job well done!

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