Message from the Director

Jessica Singh has big plans to get this sanctuary model recognised all over the world and the PN team are ready to make history. At the official Pawfect Nation launch on 25 September 2010 Singh revealed that she is scripting a documentary, followed by a reality series (in the same vain as the Rescue Ink series on Animal Planet) to showcase and promote her sanctuary model. She will use her own registered TV & Film Production Company as the vessel to help animals to get their voices heard. Singh plans to coordinate some risky future rescues and her team will be working closely with the police and they encourage the community to offer anonymous tip-offs about dog fighting syndicates, dog racing syndicates, unscrupulous puppy and kitten mill breeders, and also report innocent animal victims of domestic violence, bestiality and so forth. “My rescue team will go in and save the animals; the police will do their job and arrest the criminals and the law needs to take its course.

Jessica said they also plan to upload videos of the newest rescues on a regular basis once the sanctuary is operational. This way, people can keep up to date with the latest happenings with Pawfect Nation's direct action animal rescue team by watching our rescues, experiencing our tragedies, and rejoicing in our triumphs.