How YOU Can Help Us to Help Animals

Banking Details:

Name of Account Holder: Pawfect Nation

Name of Bank:  Standard Bank

Account Type:  Savings

Account Number:  053815734

Branch Number:  043826

We are committed to good governance and will be subject to a full audit.

Your options include:

SARS Section 18A (Deduction of
tax write-off when you donate to a PBO)

10% of tax payers and businesses yearly tax write-offs can be donated to a charity of their choice and thereafter be claimed as a tax write-off from SARS. You will be doing an amazing service for animals and will not be put out of pocket personally. Pawfect Nation is a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) with SARS (South African Revenue Service) so all donations are tax deductible; Pawfect Nation will issue all donors with a tax certificate.

Adopt an Animal without the physical responsibility of caring for that animal

Adopt an animal for life, either for yourself or a loved one and help us to provide the much needed food, medical care and shelter to our abandoned, elderly, abused and disabled / differently-abled animals. We will care for them full time on your behalf.

Legacy Endowments – Be remembered long after you are gone

‘Legacy Endowments’ are vital in helping PN continue our work. Endowments assist us in providing a bright, secure future for animals and aid us in implementing long-term awareness and educational campaigns to create a better future for them.


Donations are very much appreciated. Regardless of the amount donated, all our generous donors share a deep commitment to helping us help animals in need.

Donations/Sponsorships of the Following are Needed

Donation or sponsorship of used shipping containers and/or second-hand park homes, which will be used to set up the initial sanctuary and hospital structures.

Donation or sponsorship of six bite-suits and six helmets.

Donation or sponsorship of 10 muzzles.

Donation or sponsorship of 6 catch poles.

Donation of 6 mini fire extinguishers (CO2-based).

Donation or sponsorship of 20 new animal cages - 10 self-trap cat cages and 10 collapsable dog cages.

Donation or sponsorship of hollow-bricks to fence off sanctuary and hospital areas. A three meter high wall around the perimeter of the shelter/sanctuary and hospital areas will keep rescued animals and personnel safe within the grounds and keep unwanted intruders out.

An alarm system sponsored by a security company.

Sponsorship of 16-camera CCTV kit.

Donation or sponsorship of window and gate burglar guard installation for the sanctuary and hospital, including automated driveway gates and electric-controlled walk-through gates.

Car dealership/s willing to donate or sponsor three demo or used mini-vans (with windows) for rescuing, transporting and fetching animals (Toyota, Hyundai, Ford etc).

Trailer dealerships willing to donate or sponsor two 6-dog dog trailers.

Donation or sponsorship of three auctioned off ambulances for the proposed mobi-clinics to be used for animals in townships and rural areas.

Monthly sponsorship of cat and dog food (Champion Pet Foods, Hills).

Monthly sponsorship of chicken pieces (or whole chicken) and mince.

Sponsors (Corporates, Private Philanthropists, Businesses, and the general public) for continued financial donations toward veterinary costs.

Donation of stainless steel food and water bowls, pet food, harnesses and leads, bedding, blankets, cat perches, cat scratchers, pet toys etc.


Email any questions, queries or suggestions you may have to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and please cc This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in your mail. Thank You.


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