Shelter Reform NOW, not later!

Shelters, Cages and Animals

Animals have been sheltered behind bars for centuries. The continuation of this antiquated practice perpetuates the public’s stereotype that shelters are dark, dirty depressing places where animals exist in fear and loneliness until they are put to death. The fear of a negative reaction to seeing this keeps the public out of shelters adopting.

The cage is a fundamentally flawed contraption that causes rapid emotional, social and physical decline of its inhabitants. Animals confined to cages go through three phases of decline; typically starting with high anxiety, leading to depression, and resulting in psychological turmoil. This type of confinement also forces animals to eat, sleep and defecate in a space often only a few times the size of their body. 

Our sheltering system not only creates unadoptable animals it fails in our mission to find homeless animals life-long loving homes by creating an environment that keeps the public out. We can no longer accept the traditional way of sheltering animals, it absolutely does not work.

By Scotlund Haisley