Adopting an Adult Cat?

Adopting an Adult cat? Important notice:

Adopting an adult cat can be extremely rewarding, yet rescuers/rescue organisations often find it difficult to secure permanent or willing homes for them. What most people don't realise is that adult cats are extremely affectionate and can offer someone quality years and lots of love.

So whether you are putting your adult cat up for adoption, or adopting an adult cat, it is extremely important for the new guardian to keep the cat locked up for at least two weeks. Do not leave the smallest or highest window open as they will squeeze their way out, sadly far too many cats have been lost in this way. There is no question about it - the cat WILL go missing and will probably never be seen again, please do not risk the new cats’ safety by letting them free earlier – even if they look comfortable with their surroundings.

Spend time with them, comfort them with words, stroke them, make them feel safe - after all, this is the newest member in the house and as such should be made to feel like part of the happy family from the outset. 

**Credit: Thank you Dianne Kendall for this useful bit of information. Rescuers know this, but the general public does not; hence us borrowing this from one of your notes to educate the ones that do not know :) **