Public Notice

Please take note of the following:

1. Tashya Giyapersad has stepped down as Pawfect Nation's Co-Executive Director.

2. The recent court case involving Karen Bezuidenhout was handled exclusively by Tashya Giyapersad in her personal capacity as Karen's attorney. The initial plan was for Pawfect Nation to be Amicus Curiae in the matter; however, this changed. Tashya Giyapersad did not represent Karen in this matter under the auspices of, or on behalf of, Pawfect Nation.

3. Pawfect Nation was not a co-applicant in Karen Bezuidenhout's court matter. It's only contribution to this case was an online petition Pawfect Nation and South African Animal Rights Activist Community (SAARAC) created in support of Karen (the results of which were handed to the judge to demonstrate public support for Karen's cause), and a supporting affidavit in furtherance of Karen's arguments. These documents form part of court records and are in the public domain.

4. Pawfect Nation did not benefit financially from Karen Bezuidenhout or this case in any manner whatsoever, neither directly nor indirectly. This is objectively verifiable. Furthermore, the Directors cannot be held responsible for settling or canceling this debt because this was not issued to Karen by Pawfect Nation. This matter needs to be addressed directly with Tashya Giyapersad.

5. All other queries relating to Karen Bezuidenhout and her court case must also be directed to Karen and / or Tashya Giyapersad directly.

Thank You,

The Pawfect Nation Team

Published: 22/07/2011