The Ultimate Betrayal - Written by an American Animal Advocate

Written by Kay Riviello (NYC, USA)

Death Camps Masquerading As “Shelters” 
The Ultimate Betrayal 

a). Something that covers or protects; a place affording protection from the elements or danger
b). A refuge; a haven
c). The state of being protected  
d). To provide shelter or refuge for; protect
e). To take cover; find refuge
f).  Any of various places for providing food and lodging on a temporary or emergency basis, as one for the homeless or one for stray pets 

Therein lies the definition of “Shelter” as laid out by our dictionaries and probably what most people think of when the word shelter is used.

Estimates are that from 3.5 to 4 MILLION dogs and cats are killed in the so-called “shelters” EVERY YEAR! These terrible numbers represent the vast majority of abandoned and/or stray animals that enter the “shelters”, which includes dogs and cats whom are turned over to the “pounds” by their own families, the “people” that they have lived their lives with and given their love, loyalty and affection to, only to have that love and loyalty returned by an “owner surrender” to the “shelter”, which over 90% of the time is a one way trip, a death sentence for an innocent, no longer wanted companion!

Does any of this sound like it fits the definition of a “shelter” to you? Refuge? Haven? Protection from danger? Can any logical, compassionate human being think that these “killing machines” are any of the above? So, let’s begin this discussion by eliminating the term “shelter” from any kind of descriptive vocabulary for where these unfortunate animals are being killed, and use it only as a symbol of the hypocrisy and lie that is the animal control system. 

These “shelters”are death camps, plain and simple! These are institutionalised houses of extermination whose primary mission is to kill abandoned, homeless animals as their “final solution” for the inconvenience of so-called over population. Animals who, for the most part, are viable, non-aggressive, loving and adoptable animals, deserving of rescue and a second chance at life! 

Their term for this “final solution” is to euthanise, the state or local government’s euphemism for killing animals in their care by heart stick, which is as gruesome as it sounds, gas chamber, or lethal injection.

1). To kill a living being to end suffering: to kill an incurably ill or injured person or animal to relieve suffering
2). The practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain, suffering or a life considered less than worth living.

According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is "a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering." 

Does the wanton extermination of these doomed and condemned “shelter” animals fit any rational person’s understanding of the definition of euthanise? To stop the suffering? To relieve the pain? Less than worth living? Who is kidding who in this deadly charade? 

So, let’s also stop using the term euthanise, and call it what it really is. MURDER, pure and simple! The vast majority of the animals murdered in “shelters” are happy, healthy, friendly, adoptable, feeling, loving, INNOCENT beings who want very much to live, to have a life, to be! And yet they are executed every day in horrendous manner by the thousands, just for the “crime” of being abandoned and homeless, and for having the misfortune to wind up at a “shelter”. The terms that fit, and truly describe the immoral intent and ramifications of the policies of “animal control” are the same terrible terms that have been applied to any such similar, targeted, bigoted, racist mass murder throughout history; extermination and genocide! Isn’t this how the despots and dictators of our world handled their problems of “overpopulation”? 

Since dogs and cats are “different”, and of another species, is it conveniently called euthanisation because we have deemed theirs a “life less worthy of living”, and killing them has become big business, with vested interest continuing the carnage for profit and power ? Is this why these innocent, incarcerated animals have to die, helpless victims caught in a self-serving killing machine, fed by an apathetic army of callous, cold hearted “owners” abandoning their animal companions like disposable commodities they no longer have use for? Are these voiceless, powerless animals not our children? Have they not given us unconditional love and loyalty, and enriched our lives and spirit? 

These millions of innocent dogs and cats DO NOT HAVE TO DIE! “NO KILL/PRO-LIFE” institutions, the definition of true shelters, are sprouting up all over the country and around the world, complete with comprehensive programs of spaying and neutering, vet care, training, humane treatment, community education, and sincere sponsoring, rescuing, fostering and adoption programs. There have been success rates of over 80%, with cats and dogs being placed in loving homes! NOW THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF A HUMANE SHELTER! There are millions of people waiting to give these wonderful beings a “forever home”. ANIMALS DO NOT HAVE TO DIE. THEIR INCARCERATION AND EXECUTION IS IMMORAL, INHUMANE, UNNECESSARY, A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, AND A CRIME THAT OUR INACTION MAKES US COMPLICIT IN!


In Kay's words: PS: Not meaning to make a WAR with kill pounds which are TRYING to convert to better conditions. We are trying to raise awareness so if at all possible, we can form an amicable alliance with them. We want to work with them to HELP them stop killing animals.